Racquet Prep (4-7)

At SquashRx, we use a games-based approach to engage young children while helping them begin to acquire the gross movement patterns and fine motor skill of a racquet player. First and foremost, we want beginners to associate squash with fun. Our classes consist of age-appropriate games and challenges that build confidence, skill and focus.


Future Stars (8-10)

Our group training for young squash players begins by introducing them to the basic rules, tactics, and techniques they’ll need to enjoy the sport. Along the way students develop fundamental athletic capacities such as speed, agility, and stamina, and will be well prepared to pursue squash at a competitive level.


Middle School Clinics (11-13)

Our Middle School program is designed to help new players learn the sport and progress to recreational, interscholastic, or tournament play. Our coaches employ a range of drills to develop racquet skill, footwork, and fitness. Each class also emphasizes guided match play to help students learn tactics, focus, and develop a lasting passion for squash.